Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Reponse to "*Cough*"

      I definitely agree with the author's viewpoint on second hand smoke. First, the author introduces how second hand smoke poses a problem around college campuses from first hand experience. It makes the reader imagine themselves in the author's shoes. Then, the author explains how different breathing is on campus with a ban on smoking on campus. The author also explores opponent's viewpoints on the ban, saying that smokers have nowhere else to smoke and that they are not hurting anyone. With credible sources such as the American Cancer Society, the author uses significant statistics to rule our opponent's arguments.

      To conclude, the author emphasizes the importance of anti-smoking laws for universities and college campuses. I wish that St. Edward's University had a ban on smoking on campus. When walking to class, I go from enjoying the beautiful weather to being smothered in second hand smoke. There is even an area on campus where smokers crowd, creating a tunnel of smoke. It is awful to experience, but smokers call it "socializing." I am not against smoking cigarettes, but they do need to be more considerate even if there are no bans on smoking on campus. The distance from smoking off campus and smoking on campus is not large, but the difference it will make will be even bigger.

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